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We have a strong point of view when it comes to brands in our spaces. We’re looking for the most thoughtful, modern and exciting brands who make products that excel in comfort and quality. Use them, sleep on them and test them out at The Rex and maybe if you like them enough…you might just want to get your own.

We are proud to work with a world class-mix including:

There’s a reason it has thousands of rave reviews – Brooklinen was The Rex’s go-to choice when it came to all things comfort. We believe making a relaxing, comforting space is one of the most important pieces in traveling – which is why we sought Brooklinen’s durable lightweight, crisp sheets (perfect for hot sleepers) for all our rooms.

Whether its that sigh of relief after a beautiful day on the lake or that first stretch after a long day of hiking, there’s nothing like that first feeling of falling into bed.

Designed with the planet in mind, Birch’s mattresses were created to provide the right pressure relief for your body as it instantly molds to your curves like a mini massage. Knowing that your day will be spent outdoors, we wanted to provide you with the best night’s sleep the second you slip into bed and we’re pretty sure we nailed it with Birch.

When searching for a place to stay, it’s more than just a room for the night. The best places are ones that instantly make you feel at home – even when you’re hundreds of miles away.

With Joybird’s mix of retro and modern furniture designs, comfort and style go hand in hand. Whether you’re relaxing after a day of hiking on a plush loveseat, or breaking bread with friends around their natural wood dining tables, you can expect your stay at The Rex to be filled with Joybird’s quality craftsmanship and impeccable comfort.

To be impressed by a rug is a high task, but make no mistake – we are highly impressed with Ruggable’s fully washable rugs. We instantly gravitated to their two-piece rug system where the outer rug cover easily comes apart to toss in the wash, guaranteeing clean comfort with every stay at The Rex.

Whether its some muddy footprints after a day on the trails or snow tracks after a day on the slopes – we understand the only way to fully embrace the outdoors is to bring a little bit of it home with you. So do your worst, we got you.

Whether its lighting the fire on a cool mountain night or sipping on a drink around the flames, there’s something about sitting around a fire that just feels… good.

That is why we selected Solo Stove’s low smoke fire pits. With their airflow design technology, their pits efficiently minimize smoke so you can sit back with smokeless ease. Just grab a few logs and a match and you’ll have a super efficient burn in no time. Because we believe everything’s better around a fire.

One of the most loved and sought after names in home appliance brands, SMEG was a natural choice to outfit The Rex.

As a brand that represents durability, flexibility and attractiveness – each room is completed with a stunning Smeg coffee maker and water kettle for all your caffeine needs. More importantly, SMEG pays particular attention to the usability of all of its products, to ensure that they are easy-to-use, and intelligently-manage energy consumption. Beautifully combining technology with design? Now that’s icon status.

This getaway is just as much about being enveloped in the outdoors as much as it is the indoor environment.

Meet Polywood – outdoor comfort designed with the environment in mind. Their chairs are not only modern, light and durable – they’re made from recycled plastic. We cannot get enough of its low-maintenance, weatherproof quality. And they are comfortable. The type of chair where you sit down and one drink turns into good moments and lasting memories.

In a historic mill nestled along the Cannon River in Minnesota, a 156 year old woolen mill continues to weave quality blankets and accessories as one of the last woolen mills in the country.

MA testament to American craftsmanship at its best, Faribault woolens are renowned for their comfort and quality. On a cool Promised Land night, there’s nothing like being under the stars, sitting around the fire wrapped in a warm Faribault blanket. We can’t think of a better place to be.

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